Altınşehir Mh., 3005 Sokak, No:13 02100 Adıyaman,Turkiye

Dear Students,


Welcome to Adıyaman, the city of peace, tranquility and tolerance where warm blooded, gracious and hospitable people live and welcome to Adıyaman University that is taking quick and firm steps forward in order to be a world university.


Throughout the history, the most important power has been the power of knowledge. People, societies and countries that produce scientific knowledge have always been in the front. Adıyaman University, therefore, has put producing knowledge and using it for the good of our country and humanity in the heart of its goals.


Having been found in 2006, our university has set its strategy for that purpose and given particular importance on establishing programs that prepare students for life and provide them with theoretical information as well as vocational qualities. Besides, it is another priority of us to transfer produced scientific knowledge into practice through various projects and contribute to the development of our region and country.


We are in the struggle for building our country’s future together by putting our modern educational facilities, research laboratories and qualified academic personnel into our youth’s service. Adıyaman University is the place for anyone who wants to improve himself / herself and his / her country and who has plans and goals for the future.


I would like to say welcome to our young students who have chosen to walk with us and wish them a successful education life.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Talha Gönüllü

Adıyaman University Rector