Information Act

In order to accept the applications of those who want to obtain information within the scope of the Right to Information, and to present all kinds of information and documents within the scope of the law for the benefit of the applicants, our University has an Information Unit within the Legal Consultancy.Department

  • Read the provisions of the Law on the Right to Information Act and the Regulation on the Principles and Procedures Regarding the Application of the Law on the Right to Information Act.
  • Make sure that your question as the subject of application is the information and document available to our institution..
  • Check whether the answer to your question, which is the subject of application, is available on the website of our institution.
  • Submit your application for access to information according to the application procedure specified in Article 6 of the Law and Articles 9 and 10 of the Regulation.
  • Applications of those whose name, surname, address, telephone number, identity number are not clearly stated, the information and document requested and the question cannot be understood will not be answered in accordance with the Law on the Right to Information Act.

As of 2018, Applications for Access to Information are received directly from the Presidential Communication Center (CİMER).

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