Homeopath Andrew Ward Talked About Homeopathy from Alternative Medicine Treatments at ADYU

A seminar on "Homeopathy", one of the alternative medicine treatments, was given by Homeopath Andrew Ward to academicians and students at Adiyaman University Faculty of Medicine.

Adiyaman University Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Turgut, Faculty of Medicine academic and administrative staff and students attended the event in the Faculty of Medicine Multipurpose Hall.

Ward, who gave information about Homeopathy, which is a complementary medicine method based on the treatment of the disease by giving very low doses to patients with the same symptoms, made important statements.

Sharing important information on the subject in the program, which had a wide participation, Ward said that homeopathy became one of the treatment methods at the end of the 1700s, when the German chemist and medical doctor Samuel Hahnemann compiled the medical records of Avicenna and Hippocrates over the years, found its methods and used it in treatments.

Ward underlined that Homeopathy is used in the treatment of diseases such as upper respiratory tract diseases, muscle diseases, rheumatic complaints, stomach and digestive system problems, skin problems, rash, itching, respiratory tract problems, shortness of breath, allergies and urinary tract. He also underlined the possibility of treatment.

Ward said "Receiving homeopathy treatment naturally activates the body's healing and self-repairing mechanisms,". The well-being achieved does not cause addiction to the drug taken. In fact, it is aimed for the person to take as little and low doses of active substance as possible. Responsibility for treatments is given to the patient. There is no recovery without regulating nutrition, sleep and bad habits. Even raising this awareness is the goal of homeopathy. Giving up this method does not return the person to his former diseased state.”

After the presentation, Homeopath Andrew Ward, who answered the questions together with Adiyaman University Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Turgut, was presented with a certificate of appreciation and various gifts.

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