Student Clubs and Societies

34 student groups and societies are active on various clubs in Adıyaman University.

1-Folk Dances Club

They represent successfully our university in “Folk Dances” festival which is organized by Turkish University Sports Federation every ear.

2-Sports Club

Basketball, football volleyball and handball teams represent our university at TÜSF AND ÜNİLİG.

3-Theatre Club

Members of the club make meetings and revisions at the beginning of every year and they show many theater performances

4-Maths Club

Different activities are organized by the members in “Maths’ Day”

5-Turkish Language

Members hold conferences and poem performances throughout year

6-Chess Club

Tournaments were held in 2013-2014 education year and awards were given to students who rank in. Moreover chess sets are available at various places at the university and two big chess playground can be used by all students every time.

7-Photograph Club

8-Musical Activities Society

The club is very active and concerts are organized indoor and outdoor throughout the year.

9-International Relations Club

The club communicates Erasmus students and members introduce the university to them.

10-Psychology Consulting and Development Club

Members of club visit nursing home and organized conferences

11-Young Careers Club

12-Cultural Development Club

13-Radio, Television and Cinema Club

14-Literature Club

15-Cooks Club

16-Atatürk’s Thought club

17-Community Volunteers Club

18-Health Club

19-Environment Club

20-Sociology Club

21-Ethic Club

22-Child Development and Education Club

23-Kickbox Club

24-Young EntrepreneursClub

25-Judo Club

26-Aviation Club

27-Turkish Red Crescent Society

28-Personal Development Club

29-Mevlana and Tolerance Club

30-Turkish Green Crescent Society

31-Young Historians Club

32-Woman Rights Club

33-Education and culture Club

34-Social Services Club