Sports Facilities


The works that are done with the purpose of encouraging our students for doing sports and providing suitable environment and opportunities are managed by Sport Services division of Health Culture and Sport Office. In March, April, May by the participation of students from all of the departments of our university; spring fstival sport facilities are held in the categories of football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis and chess. Accomodation, catering and transportation of all participant are provided by department of Health Culture and Sport Office. Besides, our students participate and get degrees in competitions in the categories of volleyball, basketbal, handball, football, wrestling, judo, taekwondo, karate, tennis, table tennis, indoor soccer, boxing, kickboxing held by University Sports Federation within the context of ÜNİLİG. Accomodation, transportation, catering and all equipment needs of our teams representing the university in interuniversity games are also provided by Health Culture and Sport Office. Our university has all the facilities in terms of sports area for our students to do sports. There are gym, basketball and volleyball courts, table tennis and chess boards and a tennis court in our university.



Some courses are held in various branches by specialists under the presidency of Health Culture and Sport Office to make our students like sports and to help them improve themselves in different sports branches. Held in the branches of basketball, volleyball, handball, judo, karate, taekwondo, kickboxing, fold dances, table tennis, tennis, chess these course are for free thanks to their being within the context of projects.